How to Make SEO Friendly Content in 2020

How to Make SEO Friendly Content
How to Make SEO Friendly Content

Content is an asset to the marketing of your brands and products. And the SEO of the content is the most important part of Content writing on the internet. 

If you want to grow your community it is impossible without gaining organic traffic on your web pages. So, without taking the time let’s get dive into it and know the tips and tricks.

How to Find the Right Topic for your Article?

The best way to find a topic for your article is to communicate with your audience and ask them what they want to learn from you. But if you are new, below are the basics you should keep into consideration.

  • Know your audience and their interests
  • Consider your experience and knowledge
  • Picking the right topic means it should be relevant
  • Collect and document all of your ideas even if they are funny.
  • Generate topics from your ideas
  • Select one and commit to it

Keywords Searching

Keywords Searching
Keywords Searching

There are two basic things to know for selecting a good keyword for any piece of content.

  1. SEO Difficulty 
  2. Search Volume

SEO Difficulty:

It’s meant the estimated competition of keyword in organic searching. The more the number of SD mean more difficult it is to rank on Google’s first page.
Tip: Use keywords with less competition. Because it’s easy for the beginners to rank fast on Google

Search Volume:

Search volume or keyword density means the number of searches a targeted keyword has during a month. Use those keywords that have high search volume. Because it can increase your chance of getting more organic traffic to your site. 

Tools for Searching Keywords

There are many paid and free tools on the internet to search for your keywords. But mostly it’s difficult for beginners to buy paid tools because they are very costly. Here we will discuss free tools that are doing a great job.

 These tools also provide you with the suggestions and overview of the keywords that help you in SEO optimization of your content.

Keywords Placement

After searching the keywords it’s the time to place these keywords in your content to make it search engine optimized. 

There are Specific places where you have to place your keywords.

Add Keyword in Your Title:

Everyone knows that we need to add the keyword in our title. But most people don’t know the exact place.
If your title has two parts, your keywords should be placed in the first part of your title. Because it works well in this place. 

Place Keywords in Headings:

There are mostly 3 types of headings used in content Writing. H1, H2, H3. 
Use synonyms and a related word in your headings. 

Add Your keyword in your URL:

Your URL is the most important part of your blog post. The keyword must be added to your URL. Because it helps in indexing and search engine rank. 

Tip: Try to make your URL shorter. 

Add your keyword in Meta Description:

Search engines tried best to make their users experience better and better. Meta Description is a place that is important for bots and users at the same time. 

Most people don’t click on the titles because they don’t find their meta description compelling. So, you should add your keyword in the description of your post. And your Description must be convincing for your readers.

Images SEO:

In on-page optimization Images, SEO is the key factor that can help you to generate organic traffic. Images can make your user experience better. 
So, you should use images in your content. But the important part is to optimize for search engines. 
How you can make your image SEO Friendly?

  • Use relevant images only
  • And use non-copyrighted images
  • Compress your image so it cannot affect your page speed
  • Rename the image with your keyword
  • Add keyword in caption and alt text of the image.
  • Use a Digital image file for better results.
  • Add images sitemap 

Links Building:

There are two types of linking:
  1. Internal Linking
  2. External Linking

Internal Linking:

Internal Linking means linking your post to another post of your website. Start writing with pillar content that covers most of the topics and then link it with other posts. 
Internal Linking helps in two ways:

  • It can help you to stay longer with your reader on your site.
  • It can assist bots to crawl your website easily.

External Linking:

External linking means linking your site with another relevant site. External linking can help in SEO of your site. Before Linking your site with others, you should follow the checklist given below.
  • Is that site trustworthy
  • Is that popular
  • Can it help your content or make it authoritative? 

Note: Don’t link too many sites. It can also affect your SEO. 


Backlinking is an important source of SEO. Backlink means a site pointing her readers to your site. It also called “Inbound Links”
Backlink work as a “vote of confidence” that authoritative your content.
It pushes bots of the search engines to rank your content if a high authority and popular website linking to your site.  

Make Your Content Unique and User-Friendly

There are a lot of websites of your niche already working on Google. Think about why a person jumped into your site.
He/she want to read something informative from your site. But if your content is not unique, he/she may leave your site. 

So unique content pays in two ways:

  • You can earn your reader’s trust
  • Unique Content ranks fast on Search engines.

How to make Content User-Friendly?

  • Write Short Paragraphs
  • Write in easy language
  • Add content table
  • Use Bullet points
  • Use Numbers
  • Add Relevant Images
  • Add Social Media Buttons

Maintain Loading Speed of Your Page.

Maintain Loading Speed of Your Page
Maintain Loading Speed of Your Page.

The loading speed of your page directly affect the SEO of your Website. If your Website is responsive for all dimensions it can rank fast Because Expert says that a website that loads in 3sec can give you extra conversions. 

You can check your page speed with “Google Page speed Insights” and can get score a Perfect 100% with these changes.

  • Compress your images
  • Don’t use unnecessary plugins.
  • Reduce Unused HTML
  • Reduce Unused CSS
  • Reduce Unused Java Scripts
  • Review your hosting plan
  • Reduce redirects
  • Use Browser caching

Write Content for Featured Snippets

Write Content for Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are the first answer to your query that usually shown on the top section of your Google page.
Basically, it’s the summary of the searched answer taken from the website. You can write content for featured snippets by following guidelines.

  • Answer your questions in 40-50 characters.
  • Use Bullet points
  • Don’t forget to add Your keyword
  • Use images
  • Use the perfect header size.

Use Social Media:

Social Media become an obvious factor for generating conversions in the field of content marketing. It can create awareness for your brand and prospective. However, it’s not only about social sharing but connecting and collaborating with your targeted community through your business. 

Optimization vs Quality:

Is the quality of your content being more important than quantity and SEO optimization? 
Think about the last article you have read on the internet. How did you evaluate it?
  • Is it giving you the information that you want to consume?
  • Is it easy to understand?
  • Is it readable?
And now think about the Search Engines. How do they evaluate the quality of the content?
  • Is it unique? 
  • Length of the content
  • Backlinks 
  • Authority of the website
  • Is it safe for the users?
  • How much time a user spends on that page?
  • Is that user scrolled to the end of that page?

So, the evaluation parameters are different for both ends. And we can assume from that, SEO is nothing without quality and quality is nothing without the SEO of your content. Both need your time and attention. If you are lagging in one of them you can’t succeed in your content writing career. 


Keyword searching is an important factor before writing any type of content, and then the art of the right placement. You have to write not only for the bots but for your community if you really want success in content marketing.  
Connect with your community on social media as much as you can and try to solve their problems.

Build your trust and influence in your community to skyrocket your conversions.

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